When I think of home, I think of an old building on top of a hill, the house I grew up in, and sausages. I think of all of my old friends, the endless fields, and a football team that have never really done very well. Growing up in a small city, I was always excited about eventually leaving, but my hometown will always hold more significance to me than anything I discover beyond the county line.

On 11th March 2017, and the weeks that led up to it, I was reminded of just how proud I am of where I come from. This reminder came from an unlikely source; the local football team. Lincoln City F.C. finally had a chance to prove themselves on the world stage when, under the name ‘The Giant Killers’, they made it into the quarter finals of the FA Cup. It was the first time a non league team had done so in 103 years. Their incredible performance and spirit throughout the tournament was inspiring and for a short time gave the city a voice. With 1000/1 chance of winning the match against Arsenal, the proud Yellow Bellies descended on the Capital City to show the world that even a shimmer of hope can be enough to give you the chance of a lifetime.